Backing of Wear Liner in all makes & Model of Cone and Gyratory Crusher

100% Solids Epoxy Compound high compressive & impact strength and impact resistance for backing wear plate in large backing compound for cone crusher
gyaratory crusher and cone crusher for exttreme heavy duty crushing , it is safer and more economical than conventional zink backing.
Excellent volumetric stability – no formation of gap
between backing and liners or main frame

Salient Feature Typical Properties
Safe more economical than molten zinc 21000
Tensile Strength, PSI 5000
Hardness , Shore D 87
Simple in application – just mix Resin & Hardener and pour in to a cavity Maximum Operating Temperature oC 105
Mixing Ratio By Weight (R:H) 23.66 (R) + 1 (H)
Pot Life at 30o C, minutes 30
Full cure at 30o C hours 6
Minimal amount of filler settlement Colour Brown
Specific gravity 1.42
Mixed Viscosity , CPS 10000

Application Instruction :



All Metallic parts should be free of rust , dirt , grease , oil etc., Seal all voids and gaps to prevent leakage. Coat bowl liner , threaded portions release agent for easy removal


Stir Resin box individually for atleast 3 minutes using slow speed stirrer to disperse any settlement that may have taken place during storage. Add entire contents of Hardener slowly but continuously to Resin while simultaneously stirring the resin. Mix both the components together for approximately 5 minutes. Move stirrer up , down and around the sides of container till achievement of uniforms colours. Care should be taken to avoid excess air entrapment and to ensure that no Resin and Hardener remains unmixed prior to pouring, as this can lead to soft pockets.


Pour mixture from one place to fill the cavity to avoid air gaps. Use tin sheet or cardboard to direct the flow if required. Repeat the procedure for succeeiding Kits. During cold condition pre-heat the substrate until warm to touch or indirect heat may be applied for shortening the cure time of epoxies..

General Instructions:

  • In high ambient temperatures and for larger volumes compound will cure faster ,apply in thin layers
  • In low temperatures and for small volumes compound takes longer to cure , use indirect heat if require
  • The compound after mixing are to be used within specified pot life. The material stiffened after pot life should discarded.
  • Tools and equipment should be cleaned before skin formation.
  • Refer “Chemical Resistant Chart” for chemical compatiability or contact us for on site technical support service.